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“There will be wars and rumors of wars…” Despite Jesus’ clear warnings that wars will continue up until the end and that only He can bring peace, many in our world today- even here in America- believe that peace can be achieved.   When we put our hope in something other than God, painful consequences inevitably follow.  In the Birth Pangs series, Humanity put forward its best effort… and failed miserably.

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The Birth Pangs series is set in the time period right after foreign occupiers have been driven out by nuclear and biologic holocausts.  In the power vacuum that follows, ordinary citizens must struggle to determine what is Truth.  They must learn anew where best to put their hope.

The Birth Pangs series is set in the future but its lessons are for the present.

“Everything seems to be happening just like in your series…” Lois D



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photo-fidelis1About Book 1, Fidelis: Fidelis follows the path of a man waking up in a broken world that is pockmarked from nuclear strikes and still coping with the lingering effects of a terrible disease. In discovering the new landscape of America, he discovers the equally new landscape of his own soul. Filled with adventure and warfare, as equally compelling is its attempt to explore concepts of truth, valor, manhood, and destiny. In Fidelis the crutches of society have collapsed. In this setting, the intangible characteristics that make the human race indomitable are permitted expression. Indeed, they are encouraged.  ‘Fidelis’ is Latin for ‘faithfulness.’  Read an extended excerpt.

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  • Pages: 344
  • ISBN-13: 978-0979127601

  • Pages: 332
  • ISBN-13: 978-0979127656


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photo-speroAbout Book 2, Spero:The setting is America in the not too distant future. Disease and War have brought the country to its knees but in doing so has created new opportunities. Beginning with the first glimpse of the nuclear flash, the individuals in Spero join the hordes of refugees as they try to regroup and rebuild. Tasha, a beloved character from book one of the Birth Pangs series, guides her wounded charge through the carnage to a place of safety and healing. But war is never far off, and efforts to fight off despair using human effort abound. These have been tried and found wanting. In Spero, something else is offered. ‘Spero’ is Latin for hope. Read an Excerpt of Spero

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  • Pages: 360
  • ISBN-13: 978-0979127632

  • Pages: 364
  • ISBN-13: 978-0979127649




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Book 3, Caritas is expected out in 2010.  ‘Caritas’ is Latin for Love.

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Embryonic stem cell research, cloning, abortion, relativism, post-modernism, scientism, secular humanism… where does it all lead?  In  the Birth Pangs series the Future our parents warned us was on its way arrived.

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